Tip of the Week – Cell Phone Smarts

big-wireless-billCountless travelers have returned home from their dream vacations only to be hit with wireless phone bills that rival the cost of the entire vacation. Make sure your clients don’t run the same risk by advising that they…

  • Check with their wireless provider prior to leaving the U.S. to find out how they can avoid incurring extra charges. Some carriers may even suggest leaving the phone at home and buying a disposable phone, renting one, or upgrading to an international plan for the duration of the trip.
  • Turn off the phone’s data features so they aren’t hit with data fees every time the phone downloads emails or connects to the Internet
  • Use WiFi, rather than a 3G network to check e-mail. WiFi, available in all, but the most remote locations today, is local and doesn’t incur roaming charges.
  • Purchase an international SIM card so that you will have access to local rates

How to

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