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Mastering the art of Italian Train Travel

Scenes from an Italian Train Station In this interesting piece from LifeinItaly,com you will find a breakdown of the three types of rail service available in Italy, a sample dialogue of what you expect to encounter while traveling in Italy as well as some great advice on how to manage the whole experience.



Among some of the “need to know’ tips that are detailed involve:

  • When to reserve your seats
  • Buying a train ticket
  • Using Eurail Italy Pass
  • The necessity of validating your ticket

Of course, Sceptre Tours offers a number of Italy vacation packages with rail travel components and out experienced call center staff is more than happy to answer all your questions as you plan you Italian rail adventure!

Italian Rail Map

Basic map of Italian Railway

Tip of the Week – Transportation Options

Euro Car RentalWhen considering various ground transportation options, clients should be aware of various upgrades available.  In terms of car rentals, there are myriad options from upgrading to automatic shift to upgrading to a Mercedes Benz. For that matter, why not upgrade to a chauffeur drive?  It’s much less expensive than they might think. When it comes to rail travel, your clients might enjoy upgrading to First Class.

Clients choosing to travel by rail should know they don’t need to wait to get to the station or boarding the train to purchase their tickets. Unlike in the U.S., rail tickets in Europe can often be purchased in the local shops.