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Did you know there is a ThinkSceptre newsletter?

So how did you find this site?  Did you see posts about it on Facebook?

Tweets on….well you know where to find tweets?

Posts on our Linkedin company page or in some of the groups?

Did someone recommend it to you?

Or maybe someone forwarded you a copy of the ThinkSceptre Newsletter.  What, you didn’t know there was a ThinkSceptre Newsletter, designed for Travel Agents (just like this site) by Sceptre Tours?  Well there is and you can receive it weekly.

Cost? $0….Value? Well we think it is pretty damn valuable and we think you will as well.  How do you subscribe?  That’s easy.  Simply scroll down (go ahead, we will still be here when you get back) and fill out the form.  You will then get a confirmation e-mail and when you click on the link you are on the list.

So….what are you waiting for….scroll down….that’s it….and watch for the archive we will be putting up.  Don’t worry, the newsletter is still new so you only missed a couple of issues.  But sign up now so you don’t miss anymore!