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Spotlight – Introducing The Tuscan Experience


Villa Casagrande

The Tuscan region of Italy is truly a celebration of the senses. Known for its scenic beauty, rich history, priceless art, culinary pleasures and fine wines, Tuscany reminds us that life is to be enjoyed. And there may be no better way to enjoy a visit to this region than with Sceptre Tours “Tuscan Experience,” a unique, yet affordable escorted tour ideal for small or large groups. In fact, because all departures are guaranteed, there’s no risk of this tour being cancelled; even for groups as small as 2!

villaCasagrande outdoor dining

Dining al fresco in Tuscany

Guests traveling with the Tuscan Experience Tour will be reminded of just how beautiful life can be when they allow their senses to be heightened by the tastes, aromas, beauty and laughter that await them on this magnificent adventure. Guests will spend 5 nights at Villa Casagrande, a 14th century villa located in the heart of Pienza, and where each glorious day on this adventure will begin. From wine tastings, Tuscan feasts, a 3-hour Tuscan cooking class and opportunities to sample some of the world’s finest hams, cheeses and salami, to strolls through ancient villages with their majestic squares, medieval and Renaissance architecture, cobblestone streets, beautiful fountains, and of course local artisans and shops, this itinerary delivers the full Tuscan experience. And because life is best enjoyed when we are rested, we’ve designed the itinerary to allow our guests plenty of free time to spend as they wish; whether that means shopping, dining, strolling or enjoying an afternoon nap.

Complete details about this tour – including dates, pricing and all terms & conditions can be found here.

Spotlight on Luxury

Nothing says luxury more than your own private chauffeur, but for many, the idea of a chauffeur-driven European vacation is just a dream. It needn’t be. Sceptre Tours extensive partnerships throughout Ireland, Britain and Italy can make the dream a reality for your clients.  If your clients are interested in a truly customizable, hassle-free vacation tailored to their timeline and preferences, you may want to recommend one of Sceptre Tours’ Chauffeur-Drive options.

Chauffer Door Open

Engaging a chauffeur will enable them to sit back, relax and enjoy a worry-free vacation while someone else does the driving at a pace they determine. With a Sceptre Chauffeur Drive vacation your clients won’t have to worry about driving in unfamiliar traffic or navigating from one destination to another. And you can be assured that we contract with only professional, English-speaking chauffeurs who will double as your clients’ tour guide and enrich their journey with a wealth of knowledge.

Passengers to Ireland can even opt for a modular chauffeur-drive experience that allows them to engage a chauffeur only for those segments of the itinerary where a driver is necessary. For example, travelers will find it easy to get around on foot or via public transportation in cities like Dublin or Galway and can therefore design an itinerary in which a chauffeur is not needed for that leg of the journey.

Of course, some of your clients may prefer to drive themselves and we offer luxury options on self-drive vacations as well. For example, why not tour Britain in a Mercedes?