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Did you know? – Filming in Dublin

Jack the Ripper and the streets of Whitechapel

Jack the Ripper and the streets of Whitechapel

American TV shows and movies are often filmed in and around the US.  The same is true with movies and TV shows that are made by the BBC, ITV or any of the other entertainment companies located in Europe.  One current example is Ripper Street, a BBC production currently showing here in the US on BBC America.  Anyone familiar with the story of Jack the Ripper knows that the location for these horrible crimes was the Spitalfields and Whitechapel in London’s East End.  But did you know the show was filmed in Dublin?

Library Square, Trinity College, Dublin

Library Square, Trinity College, Dublin

According to the Wikipedia entry for the show, filming is done among locations in and around Dublin such as Trinity College and the former Clancy Barracks beside Clancy Quay.  While visiting studios to see shows and movies being created is very difficult, the reality is that when real locations are being used it is quite easy for fans of these productions to visit the locations and stand in spots where particular scenes took place.  You might even catch a glimpse of the filming going on if you are lucky.  So, if you are a fan of Ripper Street remember that Sceptre Tours can not only put you in the vicinity of the real locations of the historic Ripper crimes but we can also put you in the vicinity of where this new show is being produced.  The rest is up to you.  And if you visit in the evening we are not responsible if you get scared by ghosts or have nightmares!

Canary Wharf, London’s East End and the Thames – A pleasant stroll

Canary Wharf 2013

London’s Canary Wharf 2013


The East End of London has been known for many things.  It has gone from one of the most feared areas of the London thanks to the exploits of Jack The Ripper and the Krays.  In between in 1903, American author Jack London wrote of the People of the Abyss, the abyss being the same Whitechapel streets that only 20 years earlier were haunted by Saucy Jack.  This same area was also heavily bombed during the London Blitz of WWII.  But what a difference a century makes.



St Katharines Docks Early 20th Century

St Katharine’s Docks Early 20th Century

London's East End Burns after German Bombing

London’s East End burns after German Bombing


The area stretching from St. Katharine Dock to Canary Wharf is not a 3-mile walk through history into the very upscale neighborhood it is today.  Click here to read this excellent piece from TheHistoryNet.com and discover this wonderful area that is worth a visit.

A Historic Year for the London Underground


If you are making your way to London this year be sure to head into your local underground station and shout “Happy Sesquicentennial!”  Why you ask?  Because the London Underground (or as it is affectionately known by Londoners, The Tube) is 150 years old this year.  It is the oldest underground rail system in the world, over 34 years older than the Boston and Chicago lines and over 40 years older than its equally famous sibling in New York!  Its busiest station, Piccadilly Circus, is so busy that locals like to say that if you stand on the platform long enough you will run into everyone you know.  And as the Underground is one of the best ways to get around this bustling European Capital, you will experience history with every ride.  And remember to Mind the Gap.