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Tip of the Week – Transportation Options

Euro Car RentalWhen considering various ground transportation options, clients should be aware of various upgrades available.  In terms of car rentals, there are myriad options from upgrading to automatic shift to upgrading to a Mercedes Benz. For that matter, why not upgrade to a chauffeur drive?  It’s much less expensive than they might think. When it comes to rail travel, your clients might enjoy upgrading to First Class.

Clients choosing to travel by rail should know they don’t need to wait to get to the station or boarding the train to purchase their tickets. Unlike in the U.S., rail tickets in Europe can often be purchased in the local shops.

“Through the Park, Jeeves” – Chauffeur Driven Tours

Chauffeur service allows one to relax in privacy while enjoying the scenery.

Sceptre Tours is proudly launching their new Modular Chauffeur Tours. No longer are self-drive tours the only cost effective way to do sightseeing. Now the massive costs associated with Chauffeur driven tours have been eliminated in this ALL NEW format!

With this new approach, your clients are no longer saddled with a driver for the entirety of their vacation. Now they can have the driver only when they will need him! Your clients will feel free to take walking tours through the city centers and be on their own schedule at a reasonable price.

Never again do you have to worry about the hassles of driving on the “wrong” side of the road, shifting your manual car with your left hand or finding those ever so elusive parking spaces!  Expert driver/guides will educate you about the rich Irish heritage as you sit back, relax, and soak in all the beautiful scenery.

To learn more about our Modular Chauffer tours, contact your RSM for more details.  Don’t know who your RSM is?  Click here to find the RSM for your region.