Spotlight on Insurance

Clients planning to rent a car while on vacation should be aware of several important factors. Of course, for those traveling to Britain or Ireland, it’s important to be aware that driving is done on the left side of the road from the right side of the car. Furthermore, most rentals throughout Europe are for manual shift, economy size cars, however upgrades to automatic and full size are available. In fact, clients can upgrade to a variety of sizes from 4-seaters to mini-vans or full size vans that seat up to 9 passengers. Bear in mind that Europe’s roads and in particular, its parking spots, are best suited for smaller vehicles, so clients may face a few challenges when driving larger vehicles.

Perhaps most important is that your client understands the auto insurance policies. First, car insurance is not an option. While your clients might believe that they have complete coverage through their credit cards, this is often not the case internationally. We strongly recommend they contact their credit card company to determine what is and isn’t covered while traveling abroad.  Furthermore, from a budget perspective, it’s less expensive to purchase insurance prior to departure because of the currency rates.

Sceptre Tours offers VIP CDW insurance to be booked prior to departure at a discounted rate; allowing complete walk away coverage, and strongly recommends purchasing at the time of booking.

For full list of legal declarations and insurance explanations for Sceptre Tours packages, click here.

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