Chauffeured Ireland

Clients planning a city-stay in Dublin or planning to travel back and forth between Ireland’s major cities can rely on public transportation, including rail, to get around, but for those touring the countryside, you’ll want to recommend a rental car or better yet, a modular chauffeur drive.

Ireland’s rules of the road – drive on the left side of the road from the right side of the car – tend to make U.S. drivers a bit uneasy. Recognizing that a significant number of travelers don’t relish the idea of navigating Ireland’s unfamiliar roads from the “wrong” side, but also don’t want to join an escorted tour, Sceptre developed the Modular Chauffeur option — an alternative model that is both affordable and flexible.

Sceptre’s Modular Chauffeur Drive provides travelers with the opportunity to engage a chauffeur only for those segments of the itinerary when a car is necessary and not during segments where attractions are within walking distance or public transportation is available. This option makes the chauffeur drive vacation significantly more affordable and appealing to travelers who prefer an independent vacation experience, but are not comfortable navigating unfamiliar roads. Furthermore, your clients will have the benefit of a professional private tour guide to enrich your travel experience with a wealth of knowledge.

Sceptre’s Ireland specialists can work with you to develop a flexible, relaxing itinerary tailored to your clients’ timelines and preferences. Several new modular chauffeur drive packages are in development right now and will be announced in this newsletter very shortly.

Click here to see some of our current independent packages that can be modified to include chauffeur service.

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