Think Rail!

Clients Thinking About Something a Little Less Ordinary? Think Rail! Think Sceptre!

There’s something nostalgic, even romantic, about rail travel, but few travelers consider it when planning their vacations. Why not remind them of what a wonderful option it can be? Sceptre Tours offers a variety of wonderful Rail Vacations in Ireland, Britain and Italy. Although, long popular in Britain and Italy, Travel by Rail in Ireland has been growing in popularity. Why not entice your clients with these rail packages in Ireland, Britain and Italy.

What’s so great about train travel in Europe?

Train travel in Europe is nothing like it is in the U.S. In Europe, trains aren’t considered a secondary form of transportation; it’s how most Europeans travel. So they’re modern, dependable and in some cases state-of-the-art. At the heart of European rail is an extensive network of high speed trains, with travel times that can occasionally rival the airlines. But unlike flying, there’s no hours-long security check, no baggage limitation, no hidden fees, and dare we say no stress? More importantly, there’s none of the stay-in-your-seat, 30,000 feet view of whatever that is down there. Because the wonder of the train is that it instantly surrounds you with the very landscape you came to visit. You’re immediately immersed in European life, while traveling amongst friendly locals and fellow adventurers like yourself. Plus, unlike the boonies of most airport locations, the train takes you from the center of one fabulous city or town to the center of another.

Plus the ever-increasing popularity of the train has meant many good things. Like more frequent departures and more flexible travel. More creature comforts including inviting bar-buffet cars and the growing availability of on board power outlets and WiFi. Perhaps we haven’t even discussed the best part of the train yet. How comfortable it makes your caboose. You sit, rest, relax… your time is just that. Yours. To spend how you like, with whom you like, and enjoy every minute as quality time. You arrive at your destinations refreshed and ready to see the sights. Really, the train is kind to you. And just as importantly, it’s kind to the environment, using electricity to have a much smaller carbon footprint than planes or cars.

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