City, Countryside or Both!

Clients seeking a vacation that includes a vibrant nightlife, world-class restaurants, museums, etc., will likely seek to spend their vacation in the city; while those looking to simply relax and enjoy life at a slower pace will likely opt for spending their time in the country.  Certainly it’s easy to design a vacation fully focused on one or the other — and in some cases it makes the best sense, however as the great cities and scenic countryside of Britain, Ireland and Italy have so much to offer, it’s a shame not to blend a bit of both into the itinerary.

Sceptre’s knowledgeable agents can customize an itinerary that ensures your clients will experience the best of both with an emphasis on city or country according to their own preferences. Traveling between the two is both easy and enjoyable.  As we’ve reported in previous issues of this newsletter, rental cars or Sceptre’s modular chauffeur drive program are ideal for touring the countryside, while rail is an ideal option for traveling between cities.

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