Aside from the destination, selecting the accommodations is probably the single most important aspect of planning your clients’ vacation. As such, your expertise in this area is paramount to delivering their ideal holiday.  Clearly, there are many options and selecting the ideal accommodation for your client can be daunting.  In addition to the variety of accommodation categories to consider (including 3-, 4- or 5-star hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, Villas, Castles, Manor Homes, etc.), there are seemingly countless properties within each category.  Furthermore, your idea of the perfect accommodation may be markedly different than your client’s.

Choosing just the right property needn’t be overwhelming. Take some time to speak with your clients about their budget, ideal itinerary and their accommodation preferences and you’ll likely be able to recommend the properties they’ll most enjoy. Not sure where to start? The following questions may help to guide the discussion.

  • Will you be traveling with young children?
  • Do you prefer a small, intimate property or a large, full-service resort?
  • When on vacation do you enjoy the more formal “dress-for-dinner” experience or prefer to keep it casual?
  • Would you prefer a modern property or something more historic?

Once you have a clear sense of their preferences, you can begin to identify the accommodations they’re most likely to enjoy.

With live inventory for more than 400 hotels throughout Ireland, Britain and Italy, not to mention more than 1,000 B&B’s, and a variety of Castles, Villas and Manor Homes, Sceptre Tours can help you deliver accommodations your clients will love.

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