5-Star Luxury

Look up the word “luxury” on Dictionary.com and you’ll find it defined as a material object or service conducive to sumptuous living; usually a refinement of living rather than a necessity. In the world of travel, luxury is often defined in terms of upgrades, star ratings, personal chauffeurs, private tours, and more. For many of your customers considering a vacation to Ireland, Britain or Italy this year, luxury is likely defined as out of reach – particularly in this economy and the weak value of the dollar overseas.

As part of our ongoing commitment to delivering happiness, we’re pleased to inform you that doesn’t need to be the case. Sceptre Tours offers an extensive number of completely customizable luxury options at prices that might surprise you. (And will certainly delight your customers!) As the result of our strong partnerships with airlines, leading 5-star properties, chauffeurs and attractions in Europe we’re able to generate luxury vacation options at unbeatable value.

For example, booking with Sceptre Tours enables you and your clients to select from multiple Award-Winning, Best-in-Class accommodations that your clients will be enamored with long after the vacation comes to an end. In fact, although we’re committed to delivering happiness, we do not guarantee against some disappointment at check-out!

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