Town & Country


London’s Thames River


Britain is home to several of the world’s great cities including London and Edinburgh and a trip to either England or Scotland just wouldn’t be complete without spending a few days in either.  By the same token the enchanting villages, majestic scenery and historic sites of the British countryside are truly enchanting and not to be missed.


The beautiful Cotswolds

Consider the storybook-like Cotswolds or the multitude of magnificent castles that dot Britain’s landscape, the Scottish Highlands with its lochs and legends, and so much more. Unlike Ireland, it’s not realistic to expect to see all of the highlights either country has to offer, but Sceptre offers a number of unique packages that make it possible to experience most. Of course, our agents would love to work with you on customizing itineraries perfectly suited to your clients’ preferences. Here’s a sampling of current offerings. Watch this newsletter as we roll out others in the coming weeks.

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