The Tube

London UndergroundClients planning a vacation to London will be thrilled with the ease of the city’s public transportation. In fact, London’s various public transportation options are photo-worthy icons in themselves!

The subway system, known as The Tube, just celebrated its 150th Anniversary and is ideal for getting around this vibrant and expansive city. For those who’d like to spend more time above-ground, London’s buses (including the iconic double-deckers) are ideal. And, of course, London taxi’s, known as Black Cabs, are a “must do” at least once.

Certainly, rail and rental cars are an option for touring the country, but if your clients are planning to fully immerse themselves in one of the world’s greatest cities, they’ll find London’s public transportation to be not only completely user-friendly, but a big part of the fun as well!

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Tube Map

Easy to follow London Underground Map

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